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Impacting athletes on and off the court

Let's hoop!

Through specialized basketball camps, clinics, and workshops, designed and led by Demetris Nichols, seasoned professional athlete, The Nichols Movement creates opportunities for growth and improvement among young athletes at every skill level in the game.

We believe


We believe in the inherent goodness of the game, as it requires every player to place team needs first to maximize winning potential.

We believe every player deserves to discover how to maximize on-court potential and use the game they love to impact off-court life.

We believe every player and coach should experience fulfilling seasons, in spite of disappointments and adversity.





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The Nichols Movement leads skills-based basketball camps. With shooting as the main focus, attendees learn proper techniques to improve a range of shots including shooting behind the arc, free throws, jump shots, reactionary shooting, and more. Attendees will also improve upon ball handling, passing, and defense. Each camp will include specific drills, one on one, three on three, and five on five. 

Location, date, and time: TBA




With each one to two-day basketball clinic, The Nichols Movement will hone in on one particular skill to elevate each player's game. From shooting to spacing to defense, each attendee can expect to learn, practice, and improve specific aspects of the game. These events are dedicated to the fundamentals of basketball in a safe and enjoyable environment among experienced teachers.

Location, date, and time: TBA




Mindfulness is vital in basketball. In TNM workshops, attendees will learn to train the mind, draw upon internal and external circumstances, and understand the importance of the mental aspect of the game. Each workshop provides opportunities for young players to learn from professionals who have mastered a sound mental game and have experienced on and off-court success.

Location, date, and time: TBA

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