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The very thing that hinders you could be the very thing that fuels your success.

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Nichols’ above-mentioned mantra was birthed from something he once believed to be a serious hindrance – a speech impediment.


For quite some time, Demetris Nichols was challenged by a speaking impairment, which diminished his confidence and led him to believe he couldn’t have a normal conversation, let alone use his voice as a story of overcoming.


Demetris has since combined his wealth of on and off-court experiences with his knowledge and conviction of faith, willpower, and discipline to kick off compelling conversations and share powerful speeches to a range of audiences.


He seeks to share and teach transferable skills and how to harness inner power to move from victim to victor, underdog to champion, and student to teacher. From reporting for the ACC network via ESPN to hosting youth camps to speaking to student-athletes, Demetris uses his voice to impact leadership development, promote goal-setting, and elevate individual and group performance. Demetris welcome opportunities to speak among:

- High school students

- Community centers

- Collegiate athletes

- AAU organizations

& more!

Image by Tyler Delgado

To request

Demetris for your next event

Demetris creates engaging, impactful, and memorable events for all attendees. To schedule Demetris for your next event, please fill out the form, and your request will be addressed promptly.

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